Maternity Healing at Birth Education Center of Okinawa

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Event Details

For all mothers who are willing to welcome a baby and are pregnant now.

Child raising starts during pregnancy time and it is a very important time frame.

Baby hears mothers talking, baby feels mother’s anxiety.

However, pregnancy time is really hard to control your temper and it’s easy to get irritated.

I will teach you how to communicate with baby and also how to deal with your emotions during the pregnancy.

On this work shop, you’ll be able to learn the information below.

  1. What will happen when you are pregnant
  2. How to deal with negative emotions during pregnancy
  3. About birth trauma (In the case….c-section, labor induction, hard delivery etc)
  4. Changes in the fathers feeling
  5. What baby feels inside mother’s womb
  6. About Postpartum depression
  7. Tuning Sound Therapy & Maternity Meditation~Womb Regression and Communicate with baby.

This class is for those people….

*Who is willing to welcome the baby

*Don’t know how to communicate to older child

*Interested in a birth trauma

*Interested in a womb regression. 

*I don’t feel like to communicate with my baby even I don’t even want to think about this way.

Date: 10 Jun 16 (Birth Education Center of Okinawa)

Admission: $20

Time: 10:00~11:30