For chronic emotional and physical symptoms

Cranial Therapy (Cranial & Allergy Antidotes):   $80 for 90mins

Please read the introduction below before you make a reservation.

Cranial therapy is not a massage.  This therapy is provided with only 0.5gram force.

In order to give safety cranial therapy, these precautions need to be followed.

  • The person does not have brain disease.
  • doesn’t have osteoporosis.
  • doesn’t have metal parts in head or body.
  • doesn’t have any anesthesia on the day.
  • doesn’t have infectious disease.
  • doesn’t have plastic surgery.
  • doesn’t have an illness/ skin Rash.
  • not in first trimester of pregnancy.
  • doesn’t diagnose with cancer.

If you are seeing a doctor, please have an advice from your doctor.

Clearing Reaction after the treatment

Cranial Therapy works differently for different people. You might feel it but you might not.  I highly recommend you to stay hydrated with water and have a rest after the treatment.   If you feel the clearing reaction listed below, your body is in processing , it will go away.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

About Clearing Reaction

  • sleepiness
  • fatique
  • pimple
  • eczema
  • sweating
  • passage
  • emiction
  • lameness
  • sick feeling
  • feel headache